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Magdalenka Gelato was opened in 2013 with one objective; to deliver 'Culinary Happiness!' We're much more then just a quick sugar fix, we're passionate about taste and on a mission to make it the only sense you'll ever care about, well within reason!

Starting with our Gelato which is made on site, daily, in front of your very eyes in micro batches from local and seasonal ingredients, we're confident you'll be tempted to see if the next flavour is as good as the last!!

We also bake our own cakes and just like our Gelato they're made on site from local seasonal produce with finely tuned recipes to bring out the biggest smiles!

It goes without saying, but worth mentioning we also have a great selection of fine teas, coffees and an irresistible variety of healthy freshly squeezed juices made while you take a seat and relax...

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Making great Gelato is as much  an art as it is a science. Every flavour requires carefully selected ingredients which are appropriately blended and then simultaneously churned and frozen.

Now after putting so much care and effort into creating the perfect mix, pouring it into any old freezer would be sacrilege, that's why we only use our traditional micro batch vertical freezer. The vertical freezer churns slowly but freezes quickly, this duo is key in producing the creamiest most flavoursome Gelato. This whole process can be seen from the shop floor and in your lucky you maybe in for a free treat straight from the Gelato machine... All in all its worth poppin' round!

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cukiernia Piwniczna
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Swiss Contribution
Projekt współfinansowany przez Szwajcarię w ramach szwajcarskiego programu współpracy z nowymi krajami członkowskimi Unii Europejskiej
Project supported by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union